4 Different Types of Massage Therapy

4 Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage is a form of treatment that provides therapeutic benefits to different parts of the body thus aiding in the treatment of a variety of health issues. There are several types of massage therapy whereby the technique vary from one type to the other based on the amount of pressure applied and body part focus.

Choosing one type over the other plays a big role in ensuring that you get the right treatment and that in the end, you are able to accomplish your health and well-being goals.

The major types of massage therapy include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the standard type of massage therapy that is commonly offered to the general population in clinics, wellness centers, gyms, and spas to help reduce general muscle tension. This massage therapy uses relatively low-pressure levels when compared to other types. In addition, it uses a combination of long strokes with friction in order to deliver the desired results.

As result, it relieves the patient of chronic pain, muscle tension, cramping, and chronic stress. It also helps to increase blood circulation through tissues, contributing to their health and function.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage as the word suggests works by using deeply applied pressure in any part of the body that may be experience pain or any form of stress. This high level of pressure helps to unknot muscle tissues thus allowing sufficient blood flow.

This pressure is applied methodically whereby the massage therapists make use of their elbows and knuckles to work on the affected areas and as such, they are able to reach the deeper tissues adjacent to the bones.

This form of massage is ideal for athletes and sportsmen who experience constant stress from strenuous training. It is also ideal for physiotherapy patients as it instrumental towards their recovery and getting rid of scar tissue.

Deep tissue massage is an essential treatment plan for neck, shoulder and neck injuries and other areas.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage is tailored for athletes in order to help them remain flexible and prevent any form of injury while training and while on the playing field. It uses a number of techniques which focuses on the specific areas that are involved in the sport.

It borrows a lot from deep tissue massage and just like the former it helps in the breakdown of scar tissue and improving blood circulation which helps to decrease muscle tension and pain sensations.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is unique as it focuses on specific areas of connective tissue and muscles that tend to have increased levels of neurological activity. These areas which are referred to as “trigger points” may refer pain to any other body part as a result of the innervation of joints and muscles.

As a result, you will find that trigger point in one part of the body can be the cause of pain to another area. As such this massage therapy is useful in elevating such kind of pain whose source is unknown. It helps the patient to get lasting relief from chronic headaches and issues related to the temporomandibular joint, shoulder, neck, and back pain.

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